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Lundin Energy Norway

Description from "Lundin started as an exploration company and has grown and developed into an experienced developer and operator. Today, Lundin is more than 400 individuals who do much more than explore for oil and gas. We explore new ideas, new concepts and new solutions. We explore even better ways to produce, and even better ways to develop energy. We seek out improvements within safety and the environment. We search for the best new partners, and new ways of collaborating.

[...] Given the challenges facing us right now, exploring new ideas and solutions is more important than ever. We supply energy to a world that is constantly changing, and to a population that grows every single day. A large portion of this energy will come from oil and gas for many decades. This energy needs to be supplied from those who run their business in the most responsible manner; and with the lowest emissions possible."

Role of Lundin Energy in PROSPECTOMICS

Sampling Expeditions in the Barents Sea

Lundin Energy’s main role in the project is to coordinate the sampling expeditions in close collaboration with GFZ to ensure proper sampling and conservation. Lundin Energy has performed such studies in licensed acreage in the Norwegian Barents Sea and has a database of locations of active seepage, which will be available for definition of the sampling expeditions. Available proprietary samples and both analytical and regional data will be made available to the Prospectomics project.

Sea floor at the study site


Dr. Rolando di Primio

Exploration Geology Manager